Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Hello World

This will be my third attempt at actually keeping a blog alive for more than a few months. This time I will try to keep it fairly technical and up to date with problems I encounter and (hopefully) their solution.

Mostly, this blog will contain .Net stuff as this is the world I live in at the moment, but I hope to cram in revelations on TDD and Agile development as I get more into these methodologies in time.

So.. I don't expect people to actually read my blog, but if you read this now, then I was wrong and you were right in coming here. (hopefully)

I will try and start off with an exercise in self-discipline and present a different christmas calendar containing 24 of my most recent blunders (and their solutions).

As I don't make any claims of Godhood within the field, please feel free to correct me where I'm wrong or provide your own blunders where appropriate. Just remember to keep the tone light and somewhat entertaining. I will excercise my right to delete posts that are rude, abusive, or [insert bad adjective here] language. But all posts written with good intent will live on in eternity. (no matter how bad light they might put me in) After all, we're all happy amateurs in a field that has no defined boundaries of professionalism.