Thursday, March 08, 2007

Cannot Open the File: Mk:@MSITStore:C:\....

I was recently plagued by this message whenever  wanted to read .chm files. And since the only useful documentation published by the vendors of the CMS  I'm currently developing for is in .CHM files, it was getting to me quick.

Luckily Google prevailed yet again and gave me this result on my query:

in which my solution  was found:

Open a CMD window, type the following on the command line:

regsvr32 %systemroot%\system32\hhctrl.ocx
regsvr32 %systemroot%\system32\itss.dll

You will receive a success message after each of these commands.

thank you "Perk" from Mölnlycke, SE, for making my day!


biaco said...

thank u

Arvind Kaushik said...

Thank you So much. I was struggling to overcome this problem for past couple of days until I visited this webpage and read your comments and proposed solution. My problem is now solved. Thanks again. Arvind Kaushik.