Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Shortcut your environment

The last few months I've spent a conscious effort to speed up my development. I have used resharper since version 1.5 (i think...) but have only recently found a lot of nifty stuff in it here's my favourites:
  • ctrl + n = goto type (classes)
  • ctrl + shift + n = goto file (web.config / language files / aspx / ...)
  • Capitalized shortform (I write CMSG and r# suggests CustomerManagementServiceGateway (a class in our project) to me
These 3 alone amounts to 80% of my increased efficiency. I literally no longer search through the Solution explorer.

I have also used True Launch Bar for my quick menu for a long time.
having all programs I need categorized for easy access, but I started
creating shortcuts for all the relevant folders on all the relevant machines, and that's sped me up quite a bit also. To see the folder where the web project is deployed in the build environment I hover the folder icon on the toolbar which pops up a list of environments, and drill my way in like that, all the icons are easily recognizable ( i set them myself) so to find any relevant place on any environment takes me < .5 secs.

Oh, did I mention I put a shortcut to the hosts-file in there also for each machine?

I cannot recommend TrueLaunchBar.com enough. takes about an hour to set up the way I want it, but it's totally worth it

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